Life is full of leaps.  Whether you are leaping into a new job, a new home, having another child, or choosing a new financial investment – everything in life is a risk.  Nothing is certain and the truth is that we take more leaps in any given day than we realize.

We tend to think of leaps as involving the big changes in life, but leaps also include the everyday decisions that we make in order to have a manageable life.    We use the term “leap of faith” more often when we are discussing big decisions with uncertain outcomes, but, in reality, the term is relevant all of the time – life is one giant leap of faith and when divorce is involved, this notion becomes more and more relevant as we take note of the impermanence of all that surrounds us. The divorce highlights that the good and the bad are all fleeting.  The good and bad have shelf-lives; but the Universe does not clue us in to the lifespan of any one situation.  This is good and bad, right? 

We must have faith in order to make decisions and act because decisions and actions are inherently risky.  We are not fortune tellers.  We cannot predict the future (most of us can’t).  But, we can make decisions hoping that the ultimate outcome is indeed the desired outcome.  So, we believe and recite to ourselves that everything happens for a reason.  This is faith. 

Many believe that faith is synonymous with religion or with believing in a God. This is not necessarily true; nevertheless, faith is the belief that there is a higher power watching over us and rooting for us in this lifetime.  Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?  So a leap of faith is the recognition that our perceptions are limited – we do not know what the future holds.  But, the term also encompasses the belief that there is a force in this Universe that is our friend. 

At this time in your life when you are divorcing, your divorce may feel as though it requires the greatest leap of faith that you have ever made.    It may feel as though there is so much at risk and that every big or little decision carries the weight of the world.  But, with this, recognize that you are “leaping” every single day of your life and that even in spite of this, you are succeeding.  So, do not be afraid.  

Remind yourself of the following when you are taking a leap of faith:

1 – There are multiple ways for you to get what you want or closer to your vision.  Do not get fixated on it only happening “your” way. 

2 – Practice patience with your circumstances, yourself and others.  We urge you to “practice” patience because it’s not something that you acquire, but it is something that you do and that you get better at doing over time.

3 – You are stronger than you realize.  Give yourself credit for getting as far as you have and believe in your continued ability to persevere. 

Now, confront your fear!  Do not allow your fear of not getting what you want to get in the way of leaping.  Movement creates opportunity and opportunity creates possibility.  You will never know what could have been if you do not take the leap.  Have faith and remember that love begins with you.